Access your wisest self.

Your life may look good on the outside but doesn't feel so good on the inside. And you sense there must be something else out there waiting for you.

You're ready to step back and take a broader view of your life and move in the direction YOU want to be - not where you think you should be, or where others think you should be, but where YOU want to be.

Small group coaching supports your need for clarity, confidence, and direction so you expand into the vision YOU hold for YOU. Let's explore the possibilities together.

The Small Group Coaching Experience

🔸 Seven 90-minute Live Group Coaching Calls

We'll dig deeper into the vision you have for your life, explore what's holding you back, and co-create a plan forward. In these small groups, you'll learn from the challenges and success of others and get access to individual coaching from yours truly...Me! 

🔸 Private Slack Community

Comprised of other folks (just like you) to connect with, share, and hold each other accountable (research shows you're more likely to succeed when you have accountability and support). 

If you're hungry for more in this next phase for...

Space  to unload, decompress, and breeeathe...to free up mental real estate so you can think and act with clarity.

Courage to make yourself a priority, be decisive, set boundaries, and take risks so you can grow into the person you want to be.

Turn up the volume on your inner wisdom (and lower the volume of critical voices).

Constructive conversations with me and the group - to hear yourself think out loud.

I'm here to help you

 live a life you'd want to relive...

YOU are the most vital project you'll ever invest in.

maryam@embraceyourwisdom.com / (424)281-0185