Hi there, I'm Maryam.

I work with middle-agers to cultivate deeper intention & wisdom in their relationships, so they feel nourished in life's second half.

This is my pup, Shadow! He reminds me on the daily that play is just as important as the hustle!

You had ideas and plans for this stage of your life, but somehow things did not turn out as you expected. Now, you may feel unsettled and crave more in your life and relationships, but aren't sure what that is or how to access it. 

This is a common in midlife, a restless yearning for a fuller life and nourishing relationships... 

As we experience changes in this stage, our relationship with Self and others evolve. And stumbling through these ups and downs feels uncomfortable and without end.  

But there is another option - growth. While growth is also uncomfortable (and takes work), it's a temporary discomfort that gets us closer to the life and relationships we envision for ourself. 

The level of our mental fitness is the best predictor of how happy we are and how well we perform when confronted with life's obstacles. 

As I've grown over the years, I've learned (and am still learning) to live and lead my life in a way that holds the long view in mind while tending to life's immediate needs. I strive to be intentional in my relationships - they are a main pillar of our happiness and well-being.

Now it hasn't been easy, but it has become easier. 

And as a resilience coach, I work with you to do the same -to 5x the process for you, in your unique way.   

My master's degree in Organizational Psychology, combined with my research in women's studies and positive psychology, gives me unique insight to support you on your journey, using proven tools and strategies. 

I work with you personally and professionally. 

PERSONALLY: Cultivate intention and wisdom in your relationships (with Self and others) so you feel nourished in your connections. 

PROFESSIONALLY: Amplify your impact on your professional journey so it feels meaningful and fulfilling for you. 

I am a graduate of Coach U, Inc. (a leading global provider of coach programs) and continually aim to develop my skills based on current research and techniques. 

To nurture my connection with myself and others, I replenish my mind and body by practicing Tai Chi, hiking, camping, and decluttering my closets. One of my most nourishing activities is volunteering at my local animal shelter. 

If you'd like to know more about my coaching style, drop me a note here, and let's chat.

Thank you for allowing me to share in your journey.

YOU are the most vital project you'll ever invest in.