DO YOU SENSE THAT RESTLESS YEARNING? -calling you to amplify your impact on your professional journey. It's whispering to you... 

   a future version of you 

is waiting to expand. 

Hi!  Maryam here - I'm a Resilience Coach and I work with people who are curious to heed that restless longing.

If you dedicate your time and energy to a non-profit or a significant cause and aspire to expand in that role to make a deeper impact, drop me a note and let's explore how coaching can support you on your journey.

This next stage of your professional journey will demand a different version of you. 

Coaching can build your resilience to work stressors, reduce negative contagion, and foster collaboration with team members, propelling you closer to your vision and goals.

You're the most vital investment you'll ever make 💚