If you're hungry for more in midlife,  you're not alone... 

Life's second half can look and feel more like you want it to. 

You're NOT too old.  And it's NOT too late.

Hi!  Maryam here - a Resilience + Midlife Coach. 

I support mid-lifers to cultivate intention and wisdom in thier relationships so they feel nourished in life's second half.

You probably didn't anticipate being where you are - at this stage of your life. 

You probably didn't anticipate experiencing these challenges - at this stage of your life. 

And you didn't anticipate feeling unsettled in your relationships - at this stage of your life.  

Yet here you are...

Here's what I know, healthy relationships (with Self and others) are a main pillar of happiness and wellbeing. And in life's middle stage, when new variables come into play, an upgraded version of you needs to step forward to...

-navigate changing relationships

-manage difficult emotions

-cultivate nourishing connections

A future version of you is awaiting your expansion.


Midlife's journey is packed with change. 

Some common challenges in middle-age are health concerns, marital shifts, career fulfillment, evolving friendships, aging parents, and an empty nest— changes you may not have prepared for.

In this stage, it's common to have a heightened awareness that the time left in your life is growing shorter. For years you may have put everyone else's needs before your own, and now you're wondering...

 Is this it? Is this all there is? 

As you grapple with the challenges of this stage, you may sense a low-level dissatisfaction with life, especially in your relationships.

As life unfolds in various ways, your needs change - and this impacts your relationships, with yourself and others. 

But here's what I know, your relationships can look and feel more like YOU want them to when you say yes to yourself and commit to the changes you want to make. 

Cultivate simple tools to strengthen your mental fitness, you'll manage relational challenges and difficult emotions with clarity and confidence, and feel nourished in your connection with Self and others.     


This next level of your life will demand a different version of you.

Coaching can build your resilience to shifting relationships and help you create nourishing that life's second half looks and feels more like you want it to.  

Curious to work with me? Drop me a note & let's talk.

Embrace Midlife!

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Maryam Solhjou, MSIO

Resilience Coach

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YOU are the most vital project you'll ever invest in.